How to Use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream

For the most effective results, you need to cleanse your skin first preferably with a dermalogica cleanserprescribed for your skin, then gently spritz your skin with dermalogica’s multi-active toner, this product lightly hydrates your skin and prepares it for moisturisation. Now squeeze out a pea size amount of the dermalogica moisturiser, that’s all you need for your face and neck, and apply it to your face while it’s still damp from the multi-active toner. Using multi-active toner with skin smoothing this way, will actually make your moisturiser last twice as long, because you use less.

If you are going to do this in the day make sure you apply a sunscreen over the top because this moisturiser does not contain any sunscreen as it is made to be used morning and night, my personal recommendation is to use the solar booster from dermalogica as this sunscreen can be mixed in with skin smoothing cream, making application quick and easy.

Skin Smoothing Cream Summary

Remember dermalogica skin smoothing cream is a moisturiser with added vitamins for antioxidant protection, silk amino acids for smoothness and various herbal extracts to hydrate the skin. This is a great moisturiser and feels fantastic on the skin but if you are concerned with anti-aging I would suggest you try other skin care products in the range or boost the effectiveness of skin smoothing cream by adding the boosters to it, or even dermalogica’s map-15 for anti-aging benefits. Remember you need to wear sunscreen in the day, preferably one with added vitamins for protection and try using multi-active toner with it, you will find even more benefits for your skin and you will wonder how you ever used a moisturiser without it.

Although skin smoothing cream uses vitamin A, in this product, it is for it antioxidant protection properties only, so make sure you include exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine.

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