Precleanse – Be Amazed How Clean Your Skin Will Be After Trying This Dermalogica Cleanser

Precleanse is dermalogica’s answer to really clean skin. When dermalogica came out with this product I personally thought not another product to put into my routine! But it was not until I actually tried it and learnt how it works on your skin, I now truly love it and would hate to clean my skin without it.

This dermalogica cleanser came about thanks to dermalogica realising that people don’t wash their faces long enough to remove all of the dirt on their skin with their regular cleansers (twenty seconds was the average time).

This got dermalogica thinking, I mean when you experience a professional skin care treatment or facial, the therapist cleanses your skin for a good ten minutes to really “clean” your skin.

Today more than ever we have more gunk going on our faces than ever before, with the use of “pan-stick-style” foundations, those 24-hour non-budge foundations, chemical sunscreens, pollution, insect repellent sprays, your skin’s excess oil (sebum) and the ever-layers of skin care products it is no wonder that are skin really is not as clean as it should be.

Improper cleansing routines will eventually show up on your skin (and yes if you are one of those people that do not remove their make up at night – this is for you too!) If you find you are experiencing little under surface lumps or bumps on your skin (in the professional skin care world, this is known as “congestion”) breakouts, or even if you find your skin is lucking dull, insufficient cleansing can be a cause.

When your skin is really clean, only then what you apply to your skin is actually going to penetrate and benefit your skin. That is why you need to wash your make up off every night, to allow not only your skin to breath, but any moisturiser or anything else you apply to your skin at night time has a good chance of doing what it is supposed to do.

Having said all of this, you have to remember to cleanse your skin in the morning too, I find many people skip this step which is a shame, but just implementing this simple routine morning and night would eliminate many skin problems.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Skin in The Morning?
I get asked this often, by my clients, when you are asleep at night, your body is expelling toxins and generally repairing itself. By cleansing your skin in the morning your are removing the toxins that are on your skin, allowing your skin to be clean, refreshed and giving you a great base to apply your make up.

Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanser is an oil-based cleanser that effectively removes more dirt, grime and oil than your regular cleanser ever will, and best of all you will see how soft and smooth and cleaner your skin is from using it regularly.

How Does Precleanse Work?
It is formulated with plant oils that can actually melt the oil-based debris left on your skin, due to the oil molecules in the cleanser bond with the oil molecules on your skin, not like your traditional water-based cleansers that do not. When you add water to the product it emulsifies with the oil on your skin, and trapping and removing the oil and debris on your skin, leaving your skin super clean for your regular cleanser to do it’s job more effectively and clean your skin better than before.

While doing a double cleanse will remove more debris than doing a single cleanse, only precleanse will actually remove the oil-debris build up on your skin, leaving you with a more thorough cleanse. Now if you are oil-phobic, you need to trust the science. Yes you are applying oil to your skin, but because it is oil, it is especially effective on oily or acne skin conditions, as it melts through excess oil build up without stripping your skin.

Following with your dermalogica cleanser will ensure the removal of any residue oil from your skin.

What’s in Precleanse
It contains a mixture of oils to help improve the condition of your skin. Apricot Kernal Oil, Borage Oil, Rice Bran Oil, kukui Nut Oil and Olive Oil are used to gently dissolve the dirt and sebum trapped on the skin’s surface.

Take the Precleanse Test
To see how good this dermalogica product actually works on your skin, try this little test. First apply precleanse to half of your face with dry hands, gently massaging your face and concentrating on any areas of congestion as you go, wet hands and massage over precleanse to create a light, milky emulsion and then remove with warm water.

Next do your normal cleanse with your dermalogica cleanser over your whole face and remove. Can you notice how smooth and soft your skin is where you applied precleanse compared to the other side? Get a tissue and gently rub the side of your face with it and compare how clean it is to the other side.

You will see with your own eyes your skin is a lot cleaner and healthier from precleanse.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me your experiences of Using This Dermalogica Pre-Cleanser or any tips that you have with this dermalogica product, I would love to hear your views, please comment below. Show Me Your ALIVE!!!

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