The Four Major Causes of Acne

Stop Hiding From Your Breakouts

Many people suffer with acne these days, it use to be that you would only suffer with breakouts in your teens, but I am finding that more and more adults are suffering with acne and one of the major factors is from stress. It’s not nice being in your thirties (or whatever age) having pimples. Acne can cause people to suffer with depression, embarrassment and lowered self-esteem.

The cause of acne on the skin can be broken down into four causes.

Dead Skin Cell Build Up

  • Dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, that are not removed can lead to a build up and clog the follicles. The dead skin cells mix with sebum (oil) and bacteria, making it harder for the cells to be removed. (You can see why we all need to exfoliate twice a week).


  • Bacteria is found naturally inside our hair follicles, but the problems start when the bacteria gets out of balance and start to irritate the hair follicle and cause inflammation, this is why are breakouts can hurt when you feel them develop and sometimes they can be really angry and red.


  • Hormones play a part on the product of sebum (oil) on our skin. When hormones get out of balance, or when we are stressed, more sebum can be produced

Hair Follicle

  • Hair follicles that have nice thick hairs, make it easy for sebum to been drawn up to the surface of the skin. If hair follicles are thinner or missing, sebum cannot be drawn out of the follicle as quickly and stays in the follicle mixing with dead skin cells forming a pimple. Hair follicle thickness is genetic, no product can fix this, however learning about the parts of the acne cycle that leads to break outs, you can minimise breakouts and be more in control of your skin condition.

The first step in the acne prevention cycle is to have a really good cleansing routine. A great way to cleanse your skin and remove all dirt and excess sebum of your skin is being your cleanse with precleanse.