Why Use Dermalogica Barrier Repair?
Barrier repair is a unique waterless sensitive skin moisturiser that helps to repair damage caused by environmental damage such as pollution, air conditioning, car fumes, harsh-cosmetics, or anything that strips the natural lipids from our skin such as soap and water, or cold weather.

If you find you are experiencing sensitized skin issues (such as irritation from chemicals, etc) or you have always had sensitive skin, then this dermalogica moisturiser is a must have product to use in your skin care routine.

What Makes Barrier Repair so Good?
Barrier repair contains organic natural silicones derived from plants. Silicones are great moisturisers because they protect the skin from the environment but also moisturise by acting as a barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and feeling silky smooth, without causing any clogging the skin or irritating the skin. Dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane are the silicones used in this product as they both enhance the barrier function of the skin. The silicones melt into the skin, between the skin cells, this process not only improves the barrier function of your skin, “acting like a filler” but also protects your skin from moisture loss which leads to dehydration.

It is now known that dehydration leads to sensitization of the skin, so what they do is really important work.

Besides the silicones the ingredients barrier repair also contains the anti-ozonate complex consisting of (fumeric acid, furmitory extract and lemon extract). Fumeric Acid is a fantastic ingredient because it protects the skin’s membranes, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, hylauronic acid and vitamin E from pollution. Environmental Pollution particularly ground level ozone (ground level ozone is pollution and sunlight that combines together) is very toxic, and this type of ozone destroys vitamin E within your skin cells and just exposing your skin for two hours to ozone is enough to reduce vitamin E by 25%.

Vitamin E protects your cells membranes, and without this the ageing process is accelerated, you can see why using topically applied vitamin E is a must! Thank goodness that barrier repair contains vitamin E for it’s antioxidant properties but also again smoothes the skin, protects the skin’s barrier function and provides deep moisturisation.

Vitamin C is also used in this dermalogica moisturiser for it’s amazing anti-oxidant properties at protecting the skin.

Evening Primrose Oil and Shea Butter are also in this formulation.

Evening Primrose Oil is great because it’s rich in linoleic acid, and helps to strengthen the barrier function of the skin while shea butter protects your skin from dehydration and environmental conditions leaving your skin protected. Dehydration looks like dry, scaly, flaky patches on the skin and your skin will feel tight. If you actually gently pulled your skin, if it’s dehydrated it will form sort of crinkles and even if your skin is oily, you can still experience dehydration.

If you thought that was enough dermalogica even use the anti-inflammatory ingredient bisabolol, to gently soothe your skin, it comes from the chamomile plant and is excellent for healing the skin and calming down irritation.

How Good is Barrier Repair at Moisturising the Skin?
This sensitive skin repairing moisturiser works by restoring the barrier function of the skin and it’s humectants (hydration) properties restore the internal water balance in the skin. You will need to use this product for at least three weeks for improvement, I have found that some people find this not enough moisture in their skin, this tends to be people with severe dehydration. What I would suggest if you find this not enough, is to use this moisturiser and apply another moisturiser over the top, such as skin smoothing cream, for extra hydration. This moisturiser “repairs the skin”, so for most people it’s a product you will not need to be on for life, but for when your skin is environmentally sensitized.

From time to time I experience a sensitized skin condition on my neck, I use the whole environmental dermalogica range on my neck morning and night and after two weeks, it is normal again and I change back to my normal skin care routine.

This product works and feels really good on my skin and is really soothing, if you suffer with intermittent skin care problems, you have got to get dermalogica barrier repair, it’s an investment in your skin.

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