Hi my name is Jennifer I’m a professional skin care expert and I have been using dermalogica for many, many years. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jane Wurwand and Dr. Diane Howard on many occasions throughout the years, I currently own two dermalogica skin care and beauty centres in Australia and I have made this blog because I am a skin care fanatic, I enjoy helping people with there skin issues, performing skin care treatments, learning the ins and outs about skin care, learning about the latest and greatest in skin care ingredients and technology, in the beauty industry, one things for certain you can never get bored!

I decided to make this blog because I am a big fan of professional skin care, especially dermalogica. I have found that consumers need help with knowledge about there skin and how to look after it.

This blog is all about skin care, my thoughts, my life on skin, what I love, what ingredients I like, the latest and greatest in skin care, and what ever comes to mind, in the land of skin care.

I enjoy learning, expanding my knowledge, so I have decided to make this site a hub, dedicated to everything skin, and latest news I have found out, not only for you, but for me, so I can remember everything I have found out.

Yours in Beauty,