Why I Had My Eyeliner Tattoo

Nobody wants to wake up every morning and go through the excruciating pain of doing makeup and spending hours in front of the mirror just to look good. Every morning, doing makeup might be a turmoil that every woman has to go through. But with the advent of technology and some creativity, a new era has begun in the makeup industry. Permanent makeup or a cosmetic tattoo is the new thing these days. Once you get it; you don’t have to do makeup for months. The consumer rate is getting high day by day and the effects of this makeup are fruitful as well.

Why you should get the eyeliner tattoo?

Eyeliner is the must-have touch that a makeup needs. Your eyes look dull and sleepy without eyeliner. But if you have one, your makeup will suddenly come to life. The effect of eyeliner is huge. Ladies love to buy eyeliners for enhancing the beauty of their eyes but not every one of them is an expert at placing the eyeliner in the eyes. Some even mess it up to an extent that they have to wash the face, all the makeup is redone. Permanent makeup is a hack-free makeup that contains pigments that will not damage the skin. They can be removed as well. They naturally fade away in a couple of years so you to get them redone.

With eyeliner tattoos, you will feel the pain but the gain is sweet as well. The piercing of the needle in the skin of your eye will definitely test your patience and pain threshold levels but once it is done, the look of the eyes will make you forget the pain and the sufferings. You can choose any color or even make a blend of the pigments of your liking. The cosmetic tattooing process is the same as that of the standard tattooing procedure. The needle will pierce your skin and inject the pigment into it.

It is truly an amazing hack for the ladies who have very small and scanty eyelashes. They always dream to have eyes with thick and long eyelashes. The eyeliner tattoo makes their eyelashes to seem abundant ad long. The use of this technique has increased in millions over the past few months and is still increasing day by day as well. This has revolutionized the art of tattoo making and the cosmetic tattooing which was oblivion in the past. The eyeliner tattoo hack is saving ladies form a lot of troubles such as chemically potent eyeliners that can damage the eyes.

The tattoos last longer than expected. Although it seems that it will fade away faster, it tends to stay for a few months to even a year. This makes up most cases due to the persistent and high-quality cosmetic tattooing ink used. The ink is in the deeper layers of the skin so it does not lose its touch that easily.

Once it fades away, you can get it redone as well.


Barrier Repair

Why Use Dermalogica Barrier Repair?
Barrier repair is a unique waterless sensitive skin moisturiser that helps to repair damage caused by environmental damage such as pollution, air conditioning, car fumes, harsh-cosmetics, or anything that strips the natural lipids from our skin such as soap and water, or cold weather.

If you find you are experiencing sensitized skin issues (such as irritation from chemicals, etc) or you have always had sensitive skin, then this dermalogica moisturiser is a must have product to use in your skin care routine.

What Makes Barrier Repair so Good?
Barrier repair contains organic natural silicones derived from plants. Silicones are great moisturisers because they protect the skin from the environment but also moisturise by acting as a barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and feeling silky smooth, without causing any clogging the skin or irritating the skin. Dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane are the silicones used in this product as they both enhance the barrier function of the skin. The silicones melt into the skin, between the skin cells, this process not only improves the barrier function of your skin, “acting like a filler” but also protects your skin from moisture loss which leads to dehydration.

It is now known that dehydration leads to sensitization of the skin, so what they do is really important work.

Besides the silicones the ingredients barrier repair also contains the anti-ozonate complex consisting of (fumeric acid, furmitory extract and lemon extract). Fumeric Acid is a fantastic ingredient because it protects the skin’s membranes, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, hylauronic acid and vitamin E from pollution. Environmental Pollution particularly ground level ozone (ground level ozone is pollution and sunlight that combines together) is very toxic, and this type of ozone destroys vitamin E within your skin cells and just exposing your skin for two hours to ozone is enough to reduce vitamin E by 25%.

Vitamin E protects your cells membranes, and without this the ageing process is accelerated, you can see why using topically applied vitamin E is a must! Thank goodness that barrier repair contains vitamin E for it’s antioxidant properties but also again smoothes the skin, protects the skin’s barrier function and provides deep moisturisation.

Vitamin C is also used in this dermalogica moisturiser for it’s amazing anti-oxidant properties at protecting the skin.

Evening Primrose Oil and Shea Butter are also in this formulation.

Evening Primrose Oil is great because it’s rich in linoleic acid, and helps to strengthen the barrier function of the skin while shea butter protects your skin from dehydration and environmental conditions leaving your skin protected. Dehydration looks like dry, scaly, flaky patches on the skin and your skin will feel tight. If you actually gently pulled your skin, if it’s dehydrated it will form sort of crinkles and even if your skin is oily, you can still experience dehydration.

If you thought that was enough dermalogica even use the anti-inflammatory ingredient bisabolol, to gently soothe your skin, it comes from the chamomile plant and is excellent for healing the skin and calming down irritation.

How Good is Barrier Repair at Moisturising the Skin?
This sensitive skin repairing moisturiser works by restoring the barrier function of the skin and it’s humectants (hydration) properties restore the internal water balance in the skin. You will need to use this product for at least three weeks for improvement, I have found that some people find this not enough moisture in their skin, this tends to be people with severe dehydration. What I would suggest if you find this not enough, is to use this moisturiser and apply another moisturiser over the top, such as skin smoothing cream, for extra hydration. This moisturiser “repairs the skin”, so for most people it’s a product you will not need to be on for life, but for when your skin is environmentally sensitized.

From time to time I experience a sensitized skin condition on my neck, I use the whole environmental dermalogica range on my neck morning and night and after two weeks, it is normal again and I change back to my normal skin care routine.

This product works and feels really good on my skin and is really soothing, if you suffer with intermittent skin care problems, you have got to get dermalogica barrier repair, it’s an investment in your skin.


Dermal Clay Cleanser

Who is This Dermalogica Cleanser For?
Many people make the mistake of thinking their skin is oily when it is not. Getting your skin diagnosed by a professional skin care therapist is the best way to find out about your particular skin care type. However one way to tell is if you wake up in the morning and your skin is oily, and it’s oily throughout the day you have oily skin, also if you feel your skin and it has a oily surface and coarse skin texture, with possible blackheads and open pores this is another tell-tale sign.

If you find you only experience oil at the end of the day, or only say only on your nose, special cleansing gel would be a more suitable cleanser for you.

The Right Way to Use Dermal Clay Cleanser
With any dermalogica cleanser to get cleaner skin results, you must always start your cleansing routine with precleanse, an oil that breaks down oil in the skin and allows your water-soluble cleanser to work more effectively, read me precleanse post for more information.

Don’t use dermal clay cleanser around your eyes, It is for your face only, you will need to use a separate eye makeup remover. If you have particularly oily skin, you can use this cleanser twice a week as a mini masque to absorb excess oil, leave on for five minutes and rinse well, it works really well, especially if you want your skin to look matte if you are going out somewhere special.

I find when using dermal clay cleanser it works best if you leave it on your skin for a few minutes and then using light strokes concentrate on areas of congestion and then remove with warm water. To turn dermal clay cleanser into what’s called a “power-cleanse” you can even add a small amount of skin prep scrub for light exfoliation, but you would only do this a few times a week, being careful not to over exfoliate your skin.

I hope you like what I have to say about dermal clay cleanser, having used this product on and off during the years, it really does make your skin feel clean and fresh, if you have tried it, let me know your thoughts about it and how it’s made your skin look and feel.


Active Moist Versus Oil Control Lotion

Active moist has always been popular among dermalogica users, it’s fragrance and oil-free, and ideal for normal to oily skin types, and it feels really refreshing on the skin, I use to use this product many years ago, when I suffered with oily shine and I liked how light it was on my skin yet at the same time, how satisfying it was at actively hydrating my skin and how my skin always felt better and softer when I applied it.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients in this oil-free moisturiser and see how they work on the skin.

When I was researching the ingredients I noticed how similar this dermalogica moisturiser is to skin smoothing cream (the next stage middle-weight moisturiser). Both of these dermalogica moisturisers contain silk amino acids, silk amino acids smooth the surface of the skin by improving the skin’s texture, they are also great at actively combating surface dehydration and silk amino acids work by binding water to the skin.

Active moist is really light weight and the silk amino acids works by creating an invisible barrier on your skin against moisture loss, without the use of oil. The great thing is this moisturiser absorbs really quickly into the skin, so if you are really oil-phobic, you will enjoy using this moisturiser.

Dermalogica like using botanicals in their products and it comes to no surprise that this dermalogica moisturiser have them. Cucumber and Mallow are used (these are also both used in skin smoothing cream) along with lavender to help provide deep hydration and soothing properties to your skin. Botanicals of lemon, ivy, watercress and burdock are also included in the moisturiser formula for their astringent and oil refining properties.

As you can see active moist is a simple light weight moisturiser and when I say moisturiser that is all it is, it contains no vitamins or antioxidants to protect you from free radicals, so if you do use this make sure you at least use a sunscreen with added vitamin protection such as the dermalogica sunscreens. As this moisturiser is very simple and light weight, this is what makes it so great to use, it’s ideal for skins that get breakthrough shine throughout the day.

Oil Control Lotion – When To Use and How to Tell if It’s Right For Your Skin

Oil control lotion is another dermalogica moisturiser that has been designed specifically for oily skin conditions. This moisturiser is for true oily conditions, if you suffer with constant shine on your face all day then this would be the ideal moisturiser for you. Many people who have oily skin don’t use a moisturiser because they don’t like the feeling of added oil onto the skin. Oily skin actually can suffer from dehydration (lacking moisture/water) and this can lead to sensitized skin.

Oil control lotion like active moist is oil-free, but what is amazing about this moisturiser is it contains powerful microsponges which absorb four times their own weight in oil, eliminating oily shine for hours (it’s best to use on oily areas only). They can reduce any oiliness by up to 50% and shine by 20%, not only do these microsponges absorb oil, they have astringent properties, calming and anti-inflammatory.

Oil control lotion will leave your skin looking matte, helping to apply your make up better, provide effective hydration without adding extra oil with the use of phospholipids.

Active moist does not have any of these properties, but if you are not experiencing true oily shine, then stick with active moist. You can actually use both for example use oil control lotion on your t-zone area where you may experience heavy oil flow, or your skin may change throughout the seasons, with summer your oil-flow may be heavy so use oil-control lotion throughout the day and active moist at night time and with the cooler months change back to active moist.

Your skin changes many times throughout the year and throughout your life, if you are one of those people who have been on the same moisturiser for five years or more, get your skin professionally diagnosed by a skin care therapist, using incorrect moisturisers can do more damage to your skin than good!

Yes you may find that you have a collection of different moisturisers to use, but I know from experience from helping many people with their skin issues and my personal skin issues (I am one of those unfortunate people to have experienced every skin care issue within the year, I’ve gone from oily skin, to breakout prone, to sensitized skin to dry skin and now premature aging skin conditions!)

Your health, life, stress, environment and products applied to your skin, make a big difference to your overall skin health. What worked for you six months ago may not be working anymore.

With the dermalogica moisturisers, they can all be boosted depending on your skin’s current conditions with the active and targeted booster range, these are fabulous, but I shall go into these in another post.


Skin Smoothin Cream Dermalogica

How to Use Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream

For the most effective results, you need to cleanse your skin first preferably with a dermalogica cleanserprescribed for your skin, then gently spritz your skin with dermalogica’s multi-active toner, this product lightly hydrates your skin and prepares it for moisturisation. Now squeeze out a pea size amount of the dermalogica moisturiser, that’s all you need for your face and neck, and apply it to your face while it’s still damp from the multi-active toner. Using multi-active toner with skin smoothing this way, will actually make your moisturiser last twice as long, because you use less.

If you are going to do this in the day make sure you apply a sunscreen over the top because this moisturiser does not contain any sunscreen as it is made to be used morning and night, my personal recommendation is to use the solar booster from dermalogica as this sunscreen can be mixed in with skin smoothing cream, making application quick and easy.

Skin Smoothing Cream Summary

Remember dermalogica skin smoothing cream is a moisturiser with added vitamins for antioxidant protection, silk amino acids for smoothness and various herbal extracts to hydrate the skin. This is a great moisturiser and feels fantastic on the skin but if you are concerned with anti-aging I would suggest you try other skin care products in the range or boost the effectiveness of skin smoothing cream by adding the boosters to it, or even dermalogica’s map-15 for anti-aging benefits. Remember you need to wear sunscreen in the day, preferably one with added vitamins for protection and try using multi-active toner with it, you will find even more benefits for your skin and you will wonder how you ever used a moisturiser without it.

Although skin smoothing cream uses vitamin A, in this product, it is for it antioxidant protection properties only, so make sure you include exfoliation into your weekly skin care routine.


Special Cleansing Gel

Special Cleansing Gel – Are You Using This Dermalogica Cleanser Correctly?
Special Cleansing Gel
Special Cleansing Gel is dermalogica’s most popular cleanser
Special cleansing gel is a fabulous product and if you use it already you know how great it makes your skin feel from using it. It’s soap-free and ph balanced to the skin (so it won’t strip your protective acid mantle layer off!) This dermalogica cleanser is highly concentrated and there is a secret way on how to use it effectively.

After reading many posts on other blogs on peoples experience with this cleanser, it saddens me to see that most people don’t use this fabulous product correctly and have inaccurate views on what this actual product will do for their skin.

What’s in Special Cleansing Gel?
This gel based cleanser really foams up well and it’s because of the naturally foaming ingredient quillaja saponaria, this is what makes your skin feel really clean by washing away impurities and excess oils on the skin without stripping or drying. The cleanser is formulated in a balm mint base, this botanical extract is fantastic for wound healing but it is also anti-bacterial and purifies and soothes the skin.

Lavender extract is also used to calm and purify the skin and assist in the cleansing action. These key ingredients cleanse away toxins and debris without over drying leaving a super clean finish.

The Right Way to Use This Dermalogica Cleanser
Special cleansing gel is fine to use daily, morning and night it’s suitable for combination skin conditions. But you need to use it in the right way otherwise you run the risk of over-drying your skin. The cleanser is super concentrated so less is more! You only need to use a five cent piece size to clean your face. The secret is to squeeze the correct amount of cleanser into damp hands and then add water, this cleanser loves water, the more the merrier, you should whisk the gel in your hands with water until it becomes nice and foamy and bubbly, sort of like whisking egg white for a meringue, getting that lovely froth like consistency, it should not look like a gel any more but more resemble “foam”, this is to reactivate the concentrate and to ensure it cleanses your skin.

Do not use special cleansing gel neat on your face without doing this step, this is where the majority of people who say it dries their skin out are doing wrong. If you skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, you have not foamed it up enough, or used too much product or you would be better to use a gel-cream combined cleanser such as ultra-calming cleanser.

All dermalogica cleansers cater for dehydration on the skin as they are ph balanced to the skin’s acid mantle protection layer which is responsible for protecting the skin from invasion of bacteria. With all cleansing routines your first step should be using precleanse to remove excess dirt, sebum, sunscreens and make up and then finish your cleanse with special cleansing gel. In-effective cleansing will lead to breakouts and dull looking skin.

Did you know you can boost special cleansing gel’s effectiveness by mixing in skin prep scrub to give you a exfoliation and cleanse in one, and you can also get a dual-action cleanse by using the exfoliating facial brush to cleanse with.

Why Just Using a Cleanser it Not Going to Be Sufficient at Removing Your Breakouts
Cleansers are cleansers, their job is to remove dirt off the skin, when people are concerned with breakouts they think, they need to use a better cleanser, in a way, yes they do, but one of the main causes of breakouts is from dead skin cell build up, this means that exfoliation is your most important step. Just using a cleanser is not going to be enough to give you positive results with your acne.

Some people are lucky and do, maybe because they were not cleansing properly to begin with, but I can assure you that if you think just buying a cleanser is going to get rid of your breakouts, then think again, they won’t. As a bare minimum you need to use a cleanser, exfoliant and oil-free moisturiser to get clearing of breakouts, I am not going to go into this now, as I wanted to talk to you about special cleansing gel, but in future articles, I will go into this.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me your experiences of using this dermalogica cleanser or any tips that you have with this product, I would love to hear your views, please comment below. Show me Your ALIVE!!!



Precleanse – Be Amazed How Clean Your Skin Will Be After Trying This Dermalogica Cleanser

Precleanse is dermalogica’s answer to really clean skin. When dermalogica came out with this product I personally thought not another product to put into my routine! But it was not until I actually tried it and learnt how it works on your skin, I now truly love it and would hate to clean my skin without it.

This dermalogica cleanser came about thanks to dermalogica realising that people don’t wash their faces long enough to remove all of the dirt on their skin with their regular cleansers (twenty seconds was the average time).

This got dermalogica thinking, I mean when you experience a professional skin care treatment or facial, the therapist cleanses your skin for a good ten minutes to really “clean” your skin.

Today more than ever we have more gunk going on our faces than ever before, with the use of “pan-stick-style” foundations, those 24-hour non-budge foundations, chemical sunscreens, pollution, insect repellent sprays, your skin’s excess oil (sebum) and the ever-layers of skin care products it is no wonder that are skin really is not as clean as it should be.

Improper cleansing routines will eventually show up on your skin (and yes if you are one of those people that do not remove their make up at night – this is for you too!) If you find you are experiencing little under surface lumps or bumps on your skin (in the professional skin care world, this is known as “congestion”) breakouts, or even if you find your skin is lucking dull, insufficient cleansing can be a cause.

When your skin is really clean, only then what you apply to your skin is actually going to penetrate and benefit your skin. That is why you need to wash your make up off every night, to allow not only your skin to breath, but any moisturiser or anything else you apply to your skin at night time has a good chance of doing what it is supposed to do.

Having said all of this, you have to remember to cleanse your skin in the morning too, I find many people skip this step which is a shame, but just implementing this simple routine morning and night would eliminate many skin problems.

Why Should You Cleanse Your Skin in The Morning?
I get asked this often, by my clients, when you are asleep at night, your body is expelling toxins and generally repairing itself. By cleansing your skin in the morning your are removing the toxins that are on your skin, allowing your skin to be clean, refreshed and giving you a great base to apply your make up.

Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanser is an oil-based cleanser that effectively removes more dirt, grime and oil than your regular cleanser ever will, and best of all you will see how soft and smooth and cleaner your skin is from using it regularly.

How Does Precleanse Work?
It is formulated with plant oils that can actually melt the oil-based debris left on your skin, due to the oil molecules in the cleanser bond with the oil molecules on your skin, not like your traditional water-based cleansers that do not. When you add water to the product it emulsifies with the oil on your skin, and trapping and removing the oil and debris on your skin, leaving your skin super clean for your regular cleanser to do it’s job more effectively and clean your skin better than before.

While doing a double cleanse will remove more debris than doing a single cleanse, only precleanse will actually remove the oil-debris build up on your skin, leaving you with a more thorough cleanse. Now if you are oil-phobic, you need to trust the science. Yes you are applying oil to your skin, but because it is oil, it is especially effective on oily or acne skin conditions, as it melts through excess oil build up without stripping your skin.

Following with your dermalogica cleanser will ensure the removal of any residue oil from your skin.

What’s in Precleanse
It contains a mixture of oils to help improve the condition of your skin. Apricot Kernal Oil, Borage Oil, Rice Bran Oil, kukui Nut Oil and Olive Oil are used to gently dissolve the dirt and sebum trapped on the skin’s surface.

Take the Precleanse Test
To see how good this dermalogica product actually works on your skin, try this little test. First apply precleanse to half of your face with dry hands, gently massaging your face and concentrating on any areas of congestion as you go, wet hands and massage over precleanse to create a light, milky emulsion and then remove with warm water.

Next do your normal cleanse with your dermalogica cleanser over your whole face and remove. Can you notice how smooth and soft your skin is where you applied precleanse compared to the other side? Get a tissue and gently rub the side of your face with it and compare how clean it is to the other side.

You will see with your own eyes your skin is a lot cleaner and healthier from precleanse.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me your experiences of Using This Dermalogica Pre-Cleanser or any tips that you have with this dermalogica product, I would love to hear your views, please comment below. Show Me Your ALIVE!!!

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